How do I schedule a consultation?

You can schedule a consultation by clicking here or you can call us at 505-508-4015.
An Intake Specialist will collect some preliminary information about you and will assist you in scheduling a consultation time.
(If you contact us outside of business hours, your message or call will be returned the next business day).

How much do consultations cost? How long are consultations?

We currently charge $75 for a 30 minute phone or online (Zoom) consultation and $150 for in-person consultations. (Please note, Rebecca Kitson consults at a different rate, you may call our office for the most current prices we charge).

How many people can consult during one consultation?

To keep consultations within their time limits, consultations are generally for one person or one set of immediate relatives (such as a parent/child or husband/wife). If you have a friend or non-immediate relative who also has immigration questions about their status, we would be happy to consult with them separately. Our Intake Specialist will be able to provide you with additional information.

Do you consult using WhatsApp and Facetime?

WhatsApp and Facetime would require our staff to use their personal Facebook accounts or iPhones to communicate with you.
To protect your sensitive information and the privacy of our staff, we do not currently consult using WhatsApp or Facetime. If you would like an online/virtual consultation, we would be happy to assist you over the phone or via Zoom.

Do you offer immigration services for out of state clients?

Yes! We have helped many clients outside of New Mexico, and even outside of the United States, with their immigration matters.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer monthly payment plans for many types of cases.

Are you bilingual?

Yes – most of our staff, including all of our attorneys and case managers, legal assistants, and client services team are fluent in English and Spanish.

Do you help clients who are detained?

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to assist clients who are in detention. We would be happy to refer you to an attorney who will be able to assist you.

Do you help with civil cases?

We primarily focus on immigration work, but we will occasionally assist with some types of civil cases, such as guardianship. If we are not able to assist you with your civil matter, we will be able to refer you to an attorney who can.

How much will my case cost?

Every case is unique. Factors that determine the price include the case type and your immigration and criminal history. When you consult with one of our attorneys, they will be able to determine the complexity of your case and will be able to provide you an estimate you for fees, taxes, and government costs.

I am a U.S. Citizen. Can you help me immigrate to a country other than the United States?

We are experts when it comes to United States immigration. Unfortunately, we do not assist with emigrating from the United States.

Will an attorney be handling my case? What is the difference between an attorney and a Case Manager?

In order to provide you with the best service possible, your case will be overseen by a team of professionals working together for a successful outcome. When you first consult with our office, you will be consulting with one of our attorneys, who will determine your legal strategy, quote you with a price, etc. In many straightforward cases, your case will then be assigned to a Case Manager, who will be your primary point of contact in terms of collecting documents, assembling your application, and providing you updates on your cases status. Your application will be thoroughly reviewed and signed by an attorney before it is filed. Our attorneys oversee the work of the Case Managers to ensure that the case strategy is followed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cashier’s checks, money orders and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). If you would like to make a credit card payment online, please click here.