From - LO

“I immigrated to the US when I was eight years old. For most of my life, I lived in fear of being ripped away from my family because my lack of immigration status. It wasn’t until I came to Rebecca Kitson Law that my hope was restored because I learned I had a pathway to legal status. Rebecca Kitson along with her team, successfully filed several applications on my behalf which resulted in my green card approval. I now have the freedom to live in this country and pursue my goals, thanks to Rebecca Kitson Law. I highly recommend this firm for any immigration case. They give it their all to fight for their clients while providing a personal touch with excellent customer service. Their constant support truly makes a
difference when navigating an immigration process. I am forever grateful to this firm and will continue to use Rebecca Kitson Law for any future immigration needs.”

From - RY

“Awesome Law Firm!!!! They are so caring and lovable. They are easy to work with and they strive when it comes to helping families!!”


Keeping Families Together

F.V had consulted with countless attorneys and firms, with no success. Then they consulted Rebecca Kitson Law. By working with the family we are assuring their future in the US. Our goal is to support them through the process of gaining permanent residency, so that they will be able to work and travel from just one region to others without fear of deportation. “We are confident knowing that our case is being handled by the most brilliant, hard-working, and inspiring attorneys, case managers, and administrators that this state has to offer.”-F.V.

From - JC

“I was able to petition for my mother’s Permanent Resident status through Rebecca Kitson Law. I grew up with the privilege of being a US Citizen, but with the disadvantage of having undocumented, Mexican parents. I lived in constant fear that something could happen to them, as I noticed the social and political tension rising in the United States. My mother is the most loving and hard-working woman I know, so my dream was always for her voice to matter and her hard work to be counted fairly. Through the seamless effort that Rebecca Kitson Law invested in my mother’s immigration case, she was able to obtain her Resident status in less than a year, without having to attend an immigration interview, plus in the middle of a global pandemic. I can never be thankful enough of Rebecca Kitson, our attorney, and Janette Soriano, our legal assistant, for allowing my mother to start a new life in this country without having to live in the shadows like many other immigrants still do today.”

From - BD

“I want to recommend Rebecca Kitson’s services, after 12 years of living undocumented in this country, in December 2019, Rebecca Kitson Law sent my application for residency at the request of my US Citizen son, in a month I got my appointment for fingerprints and by May 2020 I already had my Social Security card and my work permit; even with the ongoing pandemic. My residence came to me in October, and I was finally able to visit my parents in Mexico! Excellent team, and everyone speaks a perfect Spanish! Thank you, Rebecca, for your excellent work! I highly recommend them!”

From - JA

“Rebecca is such a passionate and honest and caring lawyer. She made us feel as if we were her closest friends. We are so pleased with the way she has handled our case. We were recommended to her and will certainly be recommending her to others who need an immigration lawyer. Thanks so much for the representation today. You have made dreams come true for our family by helping L. A. become a permanent resident.”

From - FV

"It's kind of indescribable the way a short conversation can create such a huge impact on someone's life. Before Rebecca Kitson Law agreed to take on our case, my family had consulted with countless attorneys and firms, all of whom determined our case to be nearly impossible and not worth the effort. However, thanks to the work, investigations, and time put into our case, my family has been able to regain a fresh sense of hope. To me, that means my parents can begin to dream and set goals for themselves. Goals that won't restrict them to a single region in fear of being captured and sent away. This overall process has even educated me in topics of immigrations that were inconceivable to me before. Even though we still have a long way to go, we are confident knowing that our case is being handled by the most brilliant, hard-working, and inspiring attorneys, case managers, and administrators that this state has to offer. "

From - KH

“To say I hate lawyers is an understatement, however Rebecca Kitson and her staff are the most honest, considerate attentive and most importantly competent people we have the pleasure of doing business with. We never once felt like we had to watch the clock or that money was most important. We the client were the number one priority for Rebecca and Laura. If more lawyers were like her maybe I might tolerate them more. I was so impressed with Rebecca’s service and honesty that now I when I have a question about other field of law and which law firm to call my first call is to her. If you choose Kitson law, you will not regret it !!!”