Fredy Ramirez Villatoro

Program Manager

Fredy worked with the firm for a few years before moving to Guatemala in 2020. Fredy returned to work remotely for the firm in March 2023.

Fredy attended the University of New Mexico and graduated in 2018 with a degree in Languages (Spanish and German). He discovered halfway through his college career that he has a passion for geology and decided to minor in Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Fredy’s parents’ are first generation in their respective families to immigrate to the US. Therefore, the topic of immigration has always had an impact in his life and is something he is also passionate about. He understands the struggles a family goes through under this situation, having lived through it himself both as a child of immigrants and someone who decided to immigrate back to their country of origin. Migration is a human right and desire, but often a necessity and what he loves most about working at Rebecca Kitson Law is that he gets to help other families in this journey.

In his free time Fredy likes to collect cool looking rocks and minerals, especially while exploring and hiking volcanoes and new landscapes. He often collaborates with local environmental organizations in Guatemala to help them with small projects. Most recently he helped research local erosion patterns and soil conservation in farmlands. This work is important to him because it helps with the protection of the local climate and supports sustainable agriculture.