Rebeca Ordoñez Goo

Client Services Specialist

Rebeca is from Tamaulipas, Mexico, and studied at Instituto de Ciencias y Estudios Superiores (I.C.E.S.T) to earn a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. Although she has finished her studies for the time being, she hopes to continue her education in the future and learn new skills. When Rebeca joined the team she had no knowledge about immigration law, but as she grew into her role, she also grew to understand some of the processes involved. What she likes about working at Rebecca Kitson Law is that all her coworkers try their best to uphold a good work environment. This has allowed her to experience good interactions and believes that with great teamwork anything is possible. Rebeca has played sports all of her life, but the one she dedicated the most time to was rhythmic gymnastics. She was in the sport for 8 years where she was part of the state and national team. She considers that this strengthened her discipline, and because she felt well disciplined, it allowed her to earn the highest grades in all of her university classes.

In her spare time, Rebeca loves to paint. Although she does not consider herself an expert painter, she really enjoys doing this hobby with her loved ones. She also likes dancing, reading, going to the gym, yoga, and watching series/movies. Rebeca lives in a city with a beach, so it is natural that she also loves to go for a walk, watch the sunset, have a drink with friends and enjoy the present.