Francis R. Donnelly

Case Manager

Francis has been with Rebecca Kitson law since January 2020.
Francis was born and raised in Rhode Island, the
Rumpelstiltskin of States, by the descendants of Irish and
Greek immigrants. After fleeing the East Coast, he attended
Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR earning a bachelor’s
degree in History. Francis is fluent in Spanish and English.
Francis is based in our Santa Fe location.
After fleeing the West Coast, he washed up in New Orleans,
LA, where he resided for the past few years. Francis then
spent years working in the service industry, in jobs where he
often worked closely with immigrants, and ended up forming
relationships with people from different backgrounds, from a
naturalized U.S. citizen employer to undocumented co-
workers. After scouring Craigslist, he landed a job working at
an immigration law firm, starting as a receptionist, and
learning on the job to become a paralegal. After fleeing the
Deep South, Francis ended up in New Mexico in 2019 and
continues his work in immigration law as a case manager
with Rebecca Kitson Law. He finds this work rewarding as it
allows him to meet people from all over the world, speak
Spanish daily, and with the challenges of the job it always
remains interesting.
In his free time Francis enjoys literature and film and plays
music regularly if not skillfully. On an irrelevant note: he
shares the same name as the undertaker character in the
1998 Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski.