Diana Hernandez

Client Services Specialist

Diana Hernandez Joined our team in June 2021. She was born in Florida and raised in Albuquerque, NM. Her parents are from Chihuahua, Mexico. Diana is planning to attend UNM to pursue a degree in counseling and eventually complete a master’s degree.

Diana was attracted to the position at Rebecca Kitson Law because of how impactful, rewarding and life changing immigration law is. She has personal experience with immigration law as she comes from an undocumented family and understands the barriers an individual and family experience from not having a legal immigration status. She has witnessed with loved ones all the missed opportunities that they had because of their immigration status. She has also been able to see how impactful it is once individuals are authorized to work or leave the country and no longer fear deportation or leaving their family/ loved ones behind. She loves working here because she gets to be a part of this process working with the clients.

In her free time Diana loves to spend time with her husband and puppy, her mother, siblings, and especially her niece and nephew. She also enjoys working out and running or taking walks around the Bosque trails with her husband and puppy, Nala. She likes trying new restaurants or spending nights in listening to music while dancing around the house, or with her husband in the kitchen. She also likes drinking coffee while watching a romantic cheesy Netflix series and yes, she admits, she is a hopeless romantic.