Daniel Rivera

Case Manager

Daniel Rivera joined our team in June of 2022. Daniel was born in Texas and raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He received his BA in Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi. He came to New Mexico in aspiration of attending the University of New Mexico and going to law school to obtain a JD. After visiting New Mexico and realizing the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere he decided on UNM. 

He decided to move to New Mexico and get into legal work before attending school. Rebecca Kitson Law caught his eye due to his interest in immigration law. Daniel is fluent in English and Spanish.

Daniel grew up in rural Mississippi where the Latino community was small, but tight knit. He grew up watching family and those in community who were undocumented struggle yet overcome barriers of their immigration status. He always tried assisting the community by offering translating services to those in need. 

Daniel loves working at Rebecca Kitson Law due to the team effort that goes into the work. It gives him the opportunity to be around those who are just as passionate about assisting those in the immigrant community. All the colleagues at RKL make sure to lift one another and ensure that we are all successful, that is what he loves about the positive atmosphere. 

In his free time, he likes to play video games, go hiking with his wife and dog, and go to concerts.