Your Immigration Consultation with Rebecca Kitson Law.

We want to thank you for choosing Rebecca Kitson Law to help you achieve your immigration goals. We are very excited to speak with you soon. Please review the below information to be prepared for your upcoming consultation.

Consultation Fee:

The consultation fee covers your legal immigration questions regarding one case. Please be aware that if you bring friends or family members with additional questions that they will need to schedule their own consultation in order to assure that each individual receives the time and attention they deserve while preserving confidentiality.

Limitation on Scope of Representation:

Please note that your consultation with Rebecca Kitson Law is a one-time paid consultation and it does not form an ongoing client-attorney relationship unless you officially open a case by signing a full contract with our firm. This means that the payment for the consultation is for the consultation only, and unless other arrangements are made, our firm does not continue to have responsibility for your immigration matters. We reserve the right to decline future representation.

Cancellation / No Show Policy:

If you are unable to attend your consultation for any reason you must contact our office to either reschedule or cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your consultation date, otherwise you will forfeit the fee. If you fail to reschedule at least 24 hours in advance and later decide that you would like to reschedule, you will be required to pay an additional consultation fee again.

If you arrive 10 minutes late or more to your in person consultation, or do not answer your phone within 10 minutes of your phone consultation, you will be rescheduled. If your consultation is missed twice without notification, Rebecca Kitson Law will likely decline to reschedule. Exceptions may be given for extraordinary circumstances.

In case of inclement weather conditions please contact our office to ensure that Rebecca Kitson Law attorneys will be available to meet/speak with you. Rescheduling for weather purposes will result in no additional consultation fee.

What to Provide for Your Appointment:

Please be aware that it may be difficult to provide complete and detailed legal advice in the absence of documentation, so please submit everything you have available to our office in advance of your meeting. It is vital that you provide any necessary documentation in advance of your appointment, this way, our attorneys will have enough time to review your documentation and be able to offer you the most accurate legal advice. Please note, if you fail to provide the documentation related to your case prior to your appointment, a second appointment may be required.

Finally, if you speak a language other than English or Spanish, please bring a translator over 18 years old to assist you. If you require sign language interpretation, contact our office prior to your appointment and we will arrange for a professional, legally certified interpreter to be present.

These policies have been crafted to assure that we can serve you in the best and most efficient way possible! Thank you once again for choosing Rebecca Kitson Law.